Julian, CA

San Diego Majestic Mountain Home

Nestled in the pines and overlooking the Coachella Valley, this custom concrete home was a structural engineering feat. Curved roofs and walls give this home a unique look while challenging the structural engineer. The detailed features of this home required endless coordination with the project architect and contractor. The curved roof was achieved by using Tridi Panels ( as forms. The panels where integrated into the walls and roof of the structure to provide strength as well as insulation properties.



  • Received the Award of Excellence in Sustainable Structural Design from the Structural Engineers Association of California
  • 2014 American Concrete Institute Residential Project of the Year Award Winner
  • Net Zero Carbon Footprint
  • Concrete home
  • Tridi Panel Insulation
  • Roof top turbine
  • Steel silo look out tower
  • Stamped concrete finish
  • Published in May 2015 San Diego Home and Garden
  • Published in April 2015 Concrete Construction Magazine