Marine Lair

La Jolla, CA

A True Gem of the Coast

Here at the water’s edge stands Marine Lair. Motivated by the ocean’s elements, every feature of this home is innovative and uniquely designed to provide views of the horizon. The curving exterior wall waves into the home creating the fluid circulating theme of the interior space. Vanishing window walls instantly transform the inside space to an outdoor environment allowing the pungent salty breeze to fill the home. Marine Lair is a place where technology and nature beautifully coalesce. Wide flange steel beams provide support for the specially engineered rooftop pool while the cutting-edge hydraulic driveway allows for the lowest of sports cars to enter the garage. This technology is sharply contrasted by the rugged materials used throughout the home, each possessing its own story of its exotic earthly origin. Built entirely different than any other home in San Diego, Marine Lair is a true gem of the coast. For more information visit the structure's website here:


  • Custom ocean front home
  • Rooftop pool
  • Skylight looking into rooftop pool
  • Hydrolic Driveway
  • Cantilevered stairs with glass treads