Patterson Engineering provides a wide range of structural services.

  • New Structures

    Building a new structure requires coordination, cooperation, and team work. Patterson Engineering takes pride in providing efficient solutions for new structures. New structures include, buildings, retaining walls, canopies, custom pools, and decks.

  • Remodels

    Love your location but have outgrown your home? Patterson Engineering provides designs that accommodate the architectural intent and limits the time of construction. Remodeling is a great way to build your dream home while staying in the community you are connected with.

  • Tenant Improvements

    Commercial buildings often have tenants that require the building to function in a new way. We provide code compliant designs to optimize the tenant's required building functions.

  • Nonstructural Design

    Equipment inside the structure is often just as valuable as the structure itself. Many business owners realize the importance of staying operational after a seismic event. Patterson Engineering provides designs to properly anchor tanks, equipment, and other nonstructural building components to help ensure that your business stays open after an earthquake.

  • Seismic Evaluation and Analysis

    Evaluation of structures is important at both pre-earthquake and post-earthquake stages. Analysis of a structure prior to a seismic event provides an opportunity to address areas that should be retrofitted. Post-earthquake analysis provides tenants information regarding the status of their structure.

  • Seismic Strengthening

    In order to provide greater public safety, building codes are ever changing. When clients chose to increase safety for occupants, we are happy to provide designs that are timely and cause as little disruption to tenants as possible.

  • Historic Preservation

    In an effort to preserve historical buildings, we provide earthquake engineering of historical buildings and designs to keep their historical significance while increasing public safety.

  • Value Engineering

    There is more than one way to skin a cat and constructing structures is no exception. Patterson Engineering works with architects, owners, and contractors to come up with economical alternatives of previous designs.